Bant is Banging!

Bant is Banging!

Bant is Banging and here’s a few cards to explain why you should play it!

Bant is one of the strongest combination of colours in MTG today. In case you’re newer to the term, Bant describes the combination of colours. Blue, White and Green. These colours will give you access to every bit of control you could ask for and ramp to put you turns ahead of the competition.

Step 1 Counters

Easiest way to handle your opponents most powerful card? Simple, don’t let them play it.

Counter spells are the first line of defense in Bant. We’ve got a ton of two drop counters with, Counterspell, Dovin’s Veto, Mana Drain, Arcane Denial and Negate. With these counters you are putting a stop to their 5+ costing cards for as little as two mana, always a gain and trading a counter spell in your hand for the Seedborne Muse that was in theirs is a good deal.

Step 2 Removal

So, you ran out of counter spells in your hand. That’s ok it happens, you can’t stop every spell from being cast. Now that your opponent has something on their battlefield it’s time to use our second line of defence, removal spells. Luckily Bant is there with the answers.

When it comes to creature removal it will cost you just one mana to take them down. In White cards we have two must mentions. Swords to Plowshare and Path to exile. Both spells cost only one white mana and both spells exile that creature for good. With Blue we are looking at two more one costs, Rapid Hybridization and Pongify. These will get rid of the problem but switch it with a 3/3 token. Depending on the text box of the opposing card it will always be worth the three damage if it comes to that.

Step 3 Ramp

We’ve stopped our opponents from casting spells, if they got through that, we’ve removed them from the game. Now it’s our turn to play bombs but with what mana? Once again Bant comes through for you. There are dozens of search for mana cards in Magic but here are the top 5 for 3 mana or less you want in to take the mana curve advantage.

Nature’s Lore and Farseek are great two costing ramp spells. Nature’s lore allows you to go find a Forest and put it into play and Farseek lets you search for anything else and put it on the battlefield tapped. Remember in both these cases it does not say basic land so go get those shock lands and break the colour curve. For the basic land search, I must also mention Rampant Growth. Two mana, fetch a basic, drop it tapped.

Now we come to the three drops for ramp. Cultivate has been the most used land fetch in Green and is currently in 50% of all Commander decks on building sites. Also, this two land fetch has a twin. Kodama’s Reach will also fetch you one basic land to your hand and one to the battlefield tapped. Setting you for this turn and making sure you keep your curve on the next.

No Matter what you may be looking for Bant is going to have it. Ramp, search, removal, counter and bombs! Just remember, when you’re playing with blue in your deck, timing is everything.

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