Building ETB's Lorcana Community

Building ETB's Lorcana Community
As everyone has heard ad nauseum, Lorcana allocations are extremely low. This means lots of stores have raised their prices and are pricing their product out of the range of most players and everyone but collectors with the deepest pockets. We are instead focusing on how we can take the limited amount of product that we have and getting it into the hands of the local gamers, building a vibrant Lorcana ETB community!
Our staff and community are extremely excited to add Lorcana to our weekly event schedule. Our Discord already has Lorcana deck-brewing and chatter aplenty. We have spent the past couple of weeks formulating a plan on how to foster our community; getting the product into the hands of our store’s players. We have seen market prices skyrocket, and we are going to do our absolute best to be as fair as possible on pricing for our players. To that end, we need to ensure that the cards stay in our community and don’t just end up in the hands of scalpers and flippers. The best system for growing our player base, their collections, and fostering a sizeable Lorcana playing community is outlined in the following plan:
First as you may have seen, we are hosting Pre-Con Launch Events (Sunday the 20th in Newmarket, Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th in Oakville) where you receive the pre-constructed deck of your choosing (while supplies last) and play three rounds in-store. This will be a non-competitive event. We have already filled over 75% of the spots, so sign-up quickly if you are interested and come join us! All players who come to these events will be allocated some extra booster packs that they can buy at a fair/reduced price after playing in the event. This gets a deck into the hands of players in the store, and some singles to branch out and improve the deck they have, or to start building another!
Following this, we will be hosting weekly draft and constructed events. Yes, that’s right, I did say draft! For anyone who doesn’t know us that well, we love to draft. We exist because of a need to draft. There aren’t currently official draft rules, but stay tuned for a post with a proposed draft format we are brewing up in store - just in case no formal announcement comes from Disney before release. Attending each of these weekly events will allow you to purchase three additional booster packs at well below market rate.
We will not be selling product online, and the above system spreads the cards out to our active players in fair amounts - and at a fair price - which we believe is integral to growing the game with the limited supply available. We have been accepted to the official OP program and have 2 full OP kits for each location, which provide sweet promos/prizes to our regulars for attending events, bringing out friends, and competing in both formats!
Our community knows how passionate we are about the games we play. I can’t wait to mix it up with everyone and play this amazing looking game full of characters we all love and grew up with. We are hoping that this new Disney venture attracts the whole family, diversifying our community further by adding playing groups under-represented in the gaming community. We at ETB look forward to seeing whole families coming together to play this exciting new game and growing the ETB universe!! See you all mid-August.




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