So You Want To Play 5 Colour Commander?

So You Want To Play 5 Colour Commander?

So you want to play a five colour commander? These are the top 5(ish) cards you will need to stomp your friends and win the game!


Although there are a few that can perform the task of mana fixing, Chromatic Lantern is the first and foremost card you will be looking for. Not only does it tap for one mana of any colour. It allows to you tap your lands for any mana. Getting that colour fix fast and early is the must for a 5 colour commander.


Another three drop but this time it's a creature! Dryad of the Ilysian Grove is the man in any deck with three or more colours in it's build. For a simple start, it comes in as a 2/4 on turn 3, letting you block many of the early little nippers that could be coming your way. Also it lets you play an additional land on each of your turns, bringing you on turn 4 to a healthy 6 land potential. Additionally, this little forest nymph has the Chromatic's ability of fixing your mana. Letting you tap ahead of the curve and for any colour of mana you may need.


The World Tree is next up on this list. Comes in tapped, bad. Only taps for green at the start, not great. However, once you have it and five other lands on the battlefield it has the added text advantage to let you tap your land for any colour of mana. Since Golos's ban we lost the best way to find our tree but there are a dozen more spells that can get this out early and let you take full advantage of it's mana fixing potential.


Speaking of ways to find your lands. Expedition map is a great little artifact that for 1 cost and 2 to activate lets you find any land you need at the time and get it in your hand. A quick shout out to Sylvan Scrying a two cost sorcery that can also pull the lands and get it in your hand.


Finishing off the list and a little down the cuts are the basic fetch lands. Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse and Fabled Passage. These lands will let you get a basic out on the battlefield, usually tapped, but it helps the fix and thins the deck. Simple cards for a simple advantage when running multicoloured commanders.


That's the list. Your mana is full and fixed and you're ready to cast any colour any time.

  1. If you're wondering which commander to use, try out the partners. Many a fine pair of legendries out there to choose from and if they don't float your boat Kenrith, the Returned King is always there for you 5 colour commander needs.

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