A Break From Prism

by Enter The Battlefield

I've been devoting a large amount of time to the experimentation and playtesting of several Prism builds and I feel a short break may be needed - around a week should suffice. This has actually given me some time to think about what other character(s) I would look at building, and after looking them all over I found myself drawn to a fairly odd pick. Levia is the character I have been looking at building and testing as she seems to be the other "least solved" Monarch hero as she is probably, along with Boltyn, tied for least popular hero from the new set.

Shadow Brute might surprise some people given how I feel about Rhinar (a vast sense of annoyance), due to how he plays against Prism. But the combination of large hard hitting attacks and the what, at first glance, would appear to be a more hybrid control style of play is what has drawn me to my second love. The Levia build I'm going for is a ramp up style of deck that looks to repeatedly block in the early game until there are 12-15 cards in the graveyard and then put my foot on the gas pedal and not let up until my opponent is dead or I kill myself to blood dept.

I will be working on a list today, and will stick it in tomorrows post right at the top, if any Levia players have any advice for me I would be happy to take it in stride and test any cool cards you might think about adding.

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