Shadow Brute Deck List and Thoughts After Some Play Testing

by Enter The Battlefield

Disclaimer: I am a Prism player first and fore most, but I felt I needed to expand my horizons a bit past fancy Heralds and Arc Light Sentinels.

My Levia list looks to quickly amass 12+ cards in the graveyard and then consistently attack with 12 power every turn forcing my opponent to block with their whole hand or take damage. It does this through using the Meat Axe over the Flail which allows you to "sculpt" your hand and discard cards in the early game without having to rely solely on blocking. The deck has multiple ways to prevent the taking of Blood Debt. I feel to play the deck you do have to be actively deciding how your going to be preventing the Debt on following turns. You do this through Arsenelling  cards like Mark of the Beast or Shadow of Blasmophet to attack on future turns to guarantee turning off Blood Debt instead of using them immediately to attack. I would highly recommend not actually using any of your attacks that say "banish 3 cards from your graveyard" before you have 12+ cards in graveyard as you want to be able to consistently turn off the debt by attacking with those sorts of cards.

After a bunch of games of play testing and some "gold fishing" there are a few cards I would add to the deck to make it feel better to play: Tome of Torment and Ghostly Visitor. Both of these cards can be tutored for with Shadow of Blasmophet. After rolling a 6 on Scab Skin Leathers both of these cards act as additional fillers to use up your additional action points, Tome draws you a card for free and Ghostly Visitor acts as a filler attack which you can grab if your Deep Rooted Evil is already in Banish.

I will be continuing to test Levia until the end of this week, where I will be returning to Prism, but I hope to make a strong, consistent Shadow Brute deck before I return to my Prism roots.

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