Shadow Brute Deck List Updates and Things I Learned

by Enter The Battlefield

 After some conference with Dimos, I have made some changes to the Levia list I posted here earlier. The biggest change was the cut of Bloodrush Bellow which turned out to be too much investment for too little damage. at best it was +4 damage on the turn which could be accomplished with Unworldly Bellows and Howl from Beyonds instead. This change both made the deck more consistent in turning off blood debt by including more cards with the "banish 3 cards" clause as well as increasing redundancy and including an additional tutor target off of shadow of Blasmophet in the form of Howl from Beyond. I also included sink bellows on the suggestion of Dimos who's sentiment of "every Classic Constructed deck should include a play set of sinks" is honestly quite a good ideology to hold as the card is very good.

 As for piloting the deck goes I learned many things over my time playing Brute. One: you cannot stack pitch reliably with a tutor in the deck like Shadow of Blasmophet which makes setting up Convulsions plays somewhat difficult. Two: on every turn you want to be setting up some sort of "winning play" in your arsenal. Meaning a card that will either force blocks, or get through and put you further ahead on board. Cards like these include: Shadow Puppetry, Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell, Command and Conquer and red barraging beatdowns. All of these cards threaten a ton of damage or continue the turn leading into another attack. Three: Learning when and how to block is imperative to piloting the deck at a high level. A big part of this is when to turn the corner from "turtling" to aggressive banishing of cards from grave. The largest part of this strategy is when to block with your Husk, which is usually when your going to put your foot on the gas and want a full 5 card hand going into the following turn. Lastly: Taking risks in Levia is almost never correct if your not behind. What I mean by this is not "don't roll leathers", but instead that you always want to guarantee turning off blood debt. This means that if you have the choice between more damage, but your forced to gamble through shadow puppetry and just attacking with a shadow of Blasmophet to banish a wrecker romp or Deep Rooted, I will always prioritize the guaranteed Blood Debt turn off unless I'm behind.

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