Thoughts on Chane

by Enter The Battlefield

In the Current meta it is my belief after quite a bit of testing that Chane is both the strongest and most influential hero in the Monarch meta game. While Prism forces people to run 6+ attack cards making their decks potentially slightly less efficient, Chane forces decks to play a completely different game: attack fast and hard or die. Chane's early turns (in comparison to other heroes) are generally quite weak aside from the occasional meat and greet, but to offset this his late game is by far the strongest of any hero in the game because of the inherent card advantage his soul shackles provide. Pair those with his ability to stack his pitch with seeds of agony and any hero is in for a boat load of pain late game, where only some of the damage is blockable due to half of it being arcane. This gameplay pattern is frustrating to play against as it forces you to deviate from your decks attempted game plan. If the game ever gets to turn 5+ against a good Chane player who knows how to sculpt their pitch and you haven't been able to pressure him to less than 20 life, the game is all but over. The combination of Mauvrion Skies and Art of War being essentially a draw three cards with the ability to pump all your attacks or give go again, paired with Chane's ability gives super easy access to go again enabling the use of 4+ attacks in a turn fairly easily. Twenty damage turns are not at all uncommon while playing against Chane and because he has access to an effective 52 life at the start of the game (6 block husk, 3 block Runeblade arms, 3 block Arcanite Skullcap) it makes it incredibly hard to pressure a Chane to the point where he feels forced to block before he gets to his apocalyptic late game. I played in the Enter the Battlefield tournament last Thursday as Levia and played against a Chane in round 2. I found that as long as you can attack for at least 12 damage a turn you can reliably force all of his armor and have him down to at least 25 life. It came down to the last turn where he almost killed me from 27 life, I dropped to 2 life but had a Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell in arsenal which dominated a Command and Conquer for lethal, and if he had gotten another turn I was very much dead. Dominated attack seem to be very strong against Chane as getting rid of his armor is imperative to being able to actually hit him in the late game when you really want to force cards out of his hand to block so he can't pitch them to pay for his banished cards. Beating Chane is a balance of early damage transitioned into timed aggression when you pass turn 4. On turn four you usually want to play for your strong 5 card hands, setting up either a plunder run, dominated attack, or huge attack in arsenal to force the Chane player to ditch at least 2 cards to block which will massively hinder his turn. Turtling against Chane is not really viable due to how wide he can go if he sets up his pitch properly, so beating him down seems to be the best bet after my own testing. Let me know how all of your own games against Chane are going, and thanks for reading my brief thoughts on, in my opinion, the strongest hero going out of Monarch.

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