Yu-Gi-Oh OTS Championship Qualifier - At Home Edition

by Enter The Battlefield

Attention Duelists! Enter the Battlefield is happy to announce that we are hosting The Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Qualifier Tournaments - At Home Edition for the remainder of July!
On July 31st we invite all duelists that wish to sign up to use the link below to access the Discord server for remote dueling!
The entry fee is $18, comes with 3 packs of the brand new set, King's Court, and has exclusive prizes for the Top 4 duelists.
Yu-Gi-Oh Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/UDreZch3GR
Please copy and paste the following in your browser to sign up: https://enterthebattlefield.ca/products/yu-gi-oh-at-home-discord-ots-qualifier-july-31st?_pos=1&_sid=c8ef44878&_ss=r&variant=40427134288043

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