Citadel Base Paint 12ml

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Abaddon Black Averland Sunset Balthasar Gold Barak-Nar Burgundy Bugman's Glow Caledor Sky Caliban Green Castellan Green Catachan Flesh Celestra Grey Corax White Corvus Black Daemonette Hide Death Guard Green Death Korps Drab Deathworld Forest Dryad Bark Gal Vorbak Red Grey Knights Steel Grey Seer Hobgrot Hide Incubi Darkness Ionrach Skin Iron Hands Steel Iron Warriors Jokaero Orange Kantor Blue Khorne Red Leadbelcher Lupercal Green Macragge Blue Mechanicus Standard Grey Mephiston Red Morghast Bone Mournfang Brown Naggaroth Night Night Lords Blue Nocturne Green Orruk Flesh Phoenician Purple Rakarth Flesh Ratskin Flesh Retributor Armour Rhinox Hide Screamer Pink Screaming Bell Steel Legion Drab Stegadon Scale Green The Fang Thondia Brown Thousand Sons Blue Waaagh! Flesh Warplock Bronze Wraithbone XV-88 Zandri Dust Runelord Brass

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